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Meet Rachel


Rachel has a passion for community, public service, science and the arts. Her journey from the shores of Lake Ontario to the halls of Tallahassee has been shaped by diverse experiences, each contributing to Rachel’s commitment to positive change through legislative advocacy and community service.

In running for the Florida State House of Representatives, Rachel aims to be the representative the district deserves - one who understands the challenges we face and is committed to addressing them with integrity, inclusivity, and unwavering dedication. She looks forward to the opportunity to serve the community and bring positive change.


Early Years

Born on the shores of southern Lake Ontario in Oswego, New York, Rachel was introduced to the world of politics at an early age. Her mother's role as the executive assistant to the city mayor for eight years ignited her interest in government systems and instilled a deep appreciation for the impact public service can have on a community.

Academic Achievement

Rachel pursued her education at Tulane University in New Orleans, earning bachelor's and master's degrees in biomedical engineering. She also explored her passion for the arts, minoring in dance while continuing to foster a strong connection to artistic expression in all forms. She combined these diverse interests in her senior and master theses studying the biomechanics of the foot en pointe. After graduation, she worked in the biomechanics lab at Louisiana State University Medical School studying the biomechanics of the dynamic ankle foot orthosis (DAFO) on treating spastic tone in children with cerebral palsy.

Family and Military Life

During her time at Tulane, Rachel met her spouse, who went on to earn an MD and join the Army, with military service taking them to Tripler Medical Center in Hawaii and Fort Knox, KY. Along this path, they were blessed with two children. Upon returning to upstate New York, the family grew with the addition of twin girls, and two decades were spent making a home in the community.

Community Engagement

In the local community, Rachel served as a board member and, eventually, as the board president of her 3500-home and corporate park community association, located just outside Syracuse, New York. This experience deepened her understanding of the importance of community collaboration and effective leadership. 

Relocation to Florida

In 2019, Rachel and her family relocated to Florida, where she immersed herself in local democratic clubs. Eager to contribute, Rachel served as a legislative liaison to these clubs, fostering connections and gaining firsthand insight into the legislative process during visits to Tallahassee.

Political Commitment

Driven by a desire to address the imbalance she observed in the Florida Legislature, Rachel is stepping up to represent District 16. She finds it concerning that the last election cycle in the district saw an uncontested race — a situation she finds unacceptable and frankly, unAmerican. Rachel believes in the power of democracy and the importance of robust, diverse representation on the ballot and in the legislature to address the needs of the community.

Community Advocacy

Rachel's commitment to community extends beyond the political arena. She volunteers extensively for Catholic Charities, working to advocate for immigrant assimilation, and with Equality Florida, advocating for LGBTQ+ rights. These endeavors have deepened her understanding of the diverse needs of the community, and she is eager to champion these causes in the State House.

Arts and Culture Advocate

Passionate about arts and culture, Rachel has been actively involved in the Jacksonville arts scene over the past year. Not only has she performed in numerous plays and musicals, but she has also dedicated her time and skills to theater boards while living in Central New York. Rachel firmly believes in the importance of a vibrant cultural scene for a thriving community, seeing creative expression as a powerful force that enriches lives.

Family and Education

Family is at the heart of Rachel's motivation. She is the proud parent of four incredible individuals: one contributing to the magic at Disney in Orlando as an Imagineer, two are in medical school, and another is studying computational ecology in graduate school. These personal connections underscore her commitment to creating a future that supports the aspirations of all residents.

Mayo Clinic Connection

Rachel's husband practices radiology at the prestigious Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. His commitment to healthcare and the community aligns with Rachel's dedication to ensuring accessible, quality healthcare for all residents.

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